Those Whom I Love.

Let me tell you about the people I love. Those with an identity. Those who are solid, not transparent, not piece-meal, not a collection of white-noise in the shape of who they think they should emulate. I don’t just want to see your atoms; I want to know why they choose to hang out together all the time. … More Those Whom I Love.

Don’t Drop the Ball – Self-Worth via ‘Scrumpy Hands’.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Scrumpy-Hands, it’s an Antipodean drinking game where two family-size bottles of budget cider are masking-taped to your hands and no-one will cut them off until they’re empty, meaning you have to consume the lot before you can ‘break the seal’ (go to the toilet). I thought of … More Don’t Drop the Ball – Self-Worth via ‘Scrumpy Hands’.