Giving is the New Getting with Zach McEvoy

The ‘Fastest Interview in the West’ is 3 megawatt questions, designed to get you thinking and feeling without being too heavy on the text. Enjoy!


If you could put one message on a giant billboard in every city / town in your home country, what would it be?

ZM: Be Happy. Be Grateful. Call your parents.

What is the main difference between you on the inside, and the ‘you’ that we see?

ZM: Zach on the inside still cares about what people think and say about Zach on the outside. The Zach you see will do his utmost to keep it together and stand by his convictions, even when deep down he’s shitting himself.

When it’s all going tits-up, what do you say to yourself to get back out there and keep going?

ZM: It’s ok, you’re still breathing. One step at a time. Just do your best.



Zach is a previously time poor, cash rich engineering professional now turned cash poor, time rich entrepreneur who has been feeding himself a steady diet of world travel for a decade. Follow him at @ZachMac247 on IG.


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