Award Winning NZ Comic Vaughan King

The ‘Fastest Interview in the West’ is 3 megawatt questions, designed to get you thinking and feeling without being too heavy on the text. Enjoy!

If you could put one message on a giant billboard in every city / town in your home country, what would it be?

VK: Look after good people! We are running out.

What is the main difference between you on the inside, and the ‘you’ that we see?

VK: The Vaughan you see is original, always thinking outside the box, keen to risk it to take a new path and positive as much as I can be. On the inside I am just scared and grateful.

When it’s all going tits-up, what do you say to yourself to get back out there and keep going?

VK: Everything is a stepping stone! You are not finished yet.

Vaughan King is a multi award-winning comedian, and the proud owner of VK’s Comedy & Blues Bar, located at 60 Dixon St, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand. 


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